~ Horse Psychology & Gymnastic Training ~

A passion to make the world a better place for horses and the people who love them is brought to life in this special event. The Parelli way is all about horse psychology, about getting to the heart and the mind of the horse… and Dressage has a long-established system that guides the proper gymnastic training and development of the equine athlete.

Together, we can bring these two worlds together for happy, healthy horses… and happy riders – mentally, emotionally and physically.


Linda Parelli shares some exciting details about the upcoming 2020 Two Worlds Together Dressage Summit.

Sarah Martin, Grand Prix Rider & Trainer, Certified Instructor & Member of USDF Senior Faculty talks about the 2020 Dressage Summit.


It is much more than a clinic. The 2020 Two Worlds Together Dressage Summit is designed as much for the spectators, as it is for the riders if not more.

You are not just watching, you are part of it!


Join four internationally renowned experts, who are truly passionate about changing the world for dressage horses by bringing the two worlds of horse psychology and classical dressage together.

Christoph Hess shows us how to have a horse and rider that move more freely, to be truly powerful and supple

Pat Parelli reveals the three biggest psychological mistakes we make when training sport horses.
Luis Lucio explores pressure management, pauses, rewards and level of demand as we plan successful training sessions.
Linda Parelli helps make the deep and complicated concepts simple!


  • Learn how training sessions can develop the dressage horse’s mental, emotional and physical fitness by combining dressage and horse psychology.
  • Learn how to solve problems with tension.
  • Know what is important to horses, how they think, how they learn, what motivates them, and what they need to be happy.
  • Learn how using a heart rate monitor can revolutionize your training results.
  • Discover the difference between psychology and mechanics.
  • Learn the way to a calmer, more connected, responsive, supple and successful horse.
  • See the Scale of Training in a whole new light.
  • Increase a timid horse’s confidence.
  • The challenges presented at different levels of training.
  • Discover what a Happy Horse really is.


Bringing these two worlds together is a mission that started 10 years ago and it is gathering momentum. More natural horsemanship aficionados are becoming interested in dressage and more dressage riders, of all levels, are discovering the power of connecting with the horse’s mind.


This event goes way beyond lessons. It is a journey into the horse’s mind, body, heart and soul guided by four international experts at the top of their field: Luis, Christoph, Pat and Linda, presenting and exchanging ideas. Join us and to be part of this movement. Have a front row seat for this groundbreaking event!


This man is at the forefront of international dressage and brings a surprising element to the training of dressage horses and riders – it is often the opposite of what you hear everywhere else; “Let go”, “This is the spirit of good riding”, “We have to make the horse happy!” The Scale Of Training is his bible and Christoph Hess’s simple and positive approach makes coaching fun for riders and spectators… and the horse.

Credentials: International Judge in both Dressage and Eventing (FEI “I” Judge), former Head of Instruction and Personal Members Department at the German National Federation. Conducts clinics, workshops, forums, and symposiums for judges, trainers, and riders throughout the International Dressage and Eventing communities, and has written and co-authored books, videos, and numerous articles.


Luis is highly credentialed and influential in the international dressage world in every dimension. Adding 18 years of knowledge and experience with the Parelli system of horse psychology, he brings the two worlds together in a very compelling way. Not only does he help all levels of riders do what the horse needs, his work with heart monitors to measure the mental, emotional and physical state of the horse is groundbreaking and fascinating to watch.

Credentials: Two-time Dressage Olympian rider, Dressage Technical Director of the ESP NF, Chef d’quip of all Spanish Dressage teams 2013-2018, member of the FEI Dressage Committee as Trainers Representative 2014-2018, Master in Sports High Performance. Using horse psychology by implementing the Parelli Seven Games horse-language in his training of dressage horses & riders at all levels since 2000.


Pat is of the most provocative figures in the horse world. His ability to read the horse’s mind is second to none. For the past 30 years, Pat Parelli has motivated world change, initiating a movement (natural horsemanship) by empowering people to work with the mental and emotional, instinctual horse. To see life from the horse’s perspective is often humbling and sometimes confronting, but necessary for true partnership and collaboration to occur. As the horse’s advocate, and with the ability to transform very challenging horses, Pat has traveled the world to solve problems with extremely valuable, talented and top level competition horses in dressage and jumping.

Credentials: Internationally renowned Equine Psychologist, founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, author, presenter, competitor. Coined the name “natural horsemanship”, his understanding of what horses need crosses all disciplines, empowering riders from basic to Olympic level.


Linda gets to the heart of the horse. That is what makes her approach as a dressage rider unique – she is an ambassador for the horse. Linda combines her knowledge of dressage techniques with a deep understanding of horse psychology to achieve ultimate connection, and is masterful at breaking down the most complicated concepts and making them simple to understand.

Credentials: International renowned Equine Psychologist, educator, co-founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, author, presenter, researcher, collaborator and passionate student of the classical principles of dressage.