That dream you’ve always had of riding off into the sunset is just a phone call away.

If you can imagine immersing yourself in learning new techniques and skills, bonding with your horse, discovering strategies to make your relationship stronger and more productive in one of these beautiful locations, this is for you. When Linda and Pat Parelli first established the Parelli Center in 1996, their goal was to create a special place… a place to which Parelli students from all walks of life could escape and have only one thing on their mind: horse Savvy!

Every year the courses evolve to reflect the needs of the student and the constantly evolving educational program. Parelli is the most positive and progressive horsemanship program on the planet and is deeply committed to leading the industry in horse behavior and the empowerment of horse lovers.
Parelli students come to taste the essence of Parelli through the 7 Keys of Success – Attitude, Knowledge, Tools, Techniques, Time, Imagination and Support; with one goal at the end of it… you learn how to be independently strong and to progress by leaps and bounds even after you leave. This is more than just accelerating your advancement or overcoming stumbling blocks, it is a life-changing experience.


Ever dream of spending all day with your horse under the brilliant blue skies of the Colorado Rockies. The fresh scent of pine trees wafting on the breeze, hawks floating on the current above, seemingly riding the wind. Just you and your horse, strolling along cool mountain trails, over green fields with the scent of warm grass ready to be cut, gently caressing your senses.

As far as the eye can see are white capped tips of the majestic Rocky Mountains! Pagosa Peak the tallest, presiding majestically over the others like the North Star in the heavens. The continental divide just a breath away.


Say hello to the warm, gentle, balmy breeze with a hint of sea and sawgrass rolling over the black board lined manicured fields of Ocala. The campus boasts all the amenities that Colorado has including an “Adventure Park” for horses. Take an extra day and ride on the beach. The white sand, fine as sugar, the blue ocean crashing against the beach. Our Florida campus is magical in a very unique and different way than our Colorado Campus. The landscape is more polished. Pastures manicured and mowed, hedges neatly shaped. The hills have a rolling effect rather than steep rocky crags. Huge robust Oak trees with Spanish moss dripping down off the branches, offering a sumptuous snack for our equine friends, replacing the more pointed pine trees.