Bridge to Trail Sports

Many Parelli students are passionate about trail riding and Equine Trail Sports (ETS)

This course focuses on fun while helping riders develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate real trail riding experiences… and have fun competing with it too!

Your instructor is a Parelli Professional who is experienced and successful in Equine Trail Sports and can guide you through the preparations and skills required to have fun and achieve success!

10-day course topics:

• Introduction to the sport • Building the bridge from On Line, Liberty and Freestyle • How to prepare on the ground • Learning & developing the moves • Relaxation, suppleness, confidence • Trails, tracks, obstacles • Rider position and balance • Style & presentation • Equipment • Calming a tense horse • Improving responsiveness • How to practice • Common problems to overcome • Anatomy of a training session • Preparing for a show • Dealing with nerves • Keys to a successful show!
(Simulated competition)

Prerequisites: Level 2+ skills for horse and rider (official or unofficial). The course will accommodate riders both experienced or new to the sport.

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