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Slimme serie niveau 1 online

Vaardigheden ontwikkelen op 12-voet en met obstakels. Bevat 2 dvd's met niveau-voor-niveau lessen van Pat Parelli, plus leerlinglessen, probleemoplossing met Linda, Savvy Manual, studentenboekje, patroonkaarten en zakgidsen.

* Als u Windows 10 gebruikt om deze dvd af te spelen en momenteel compatibiliteitsproblemen ondervindt, kunt u ons gratis bellen op 1-800-642-3335.


  • Games 1-3: Principle Games
  • Vriendelijk spel: vertrouwen opbouwen
  • Porcupine Game: Follow a Feel
  • Driving Game: geef toe aan ritmische druk
  • Games 4-7: Purpose Games
  • Yo-Yo: maak voorwaarts en achterwaarts gelijk
  • Cirkelen: verantwoordelijkheid en loting
  • Zijwaarts: zijwaartse beweging ontwikkelen
  • Squeeze: Claustrofobie overwinnen
  • Patronen
  • Touch-It-patroon Afbeelding 8
  • Speciale kenmerken
  • Zoneologie
  • Simulaties - Touwverwerking
  • Online veiligheid
  • Yo-Yo-fasen
  • Hoe lang speel ik de zeven spellen?
  • Problemen oplossen met de zeven spellen



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Jordan White
    Well worth it

    Excellent video quality, good instruction patiently laid out. Well worth the purchase, and planning on purchasing more.

    Inga Pott
    Level 1 On Line

    I really love to learn how to communicate with horses - with Level 1 On Line I have the best basic to learn how to think like a horse and communicate with my horse like a horse, not a human :-) thank you so much, Pat, to share your years of experiences with all of us!!

    Brenda Lord

    I never received it. When i looked on tracking usps it returned it to you This is the tracing #9449011108435565606711

    Great gift

    Gave level 1 to a young girl new to horses , she loves it!

    Diana Heyneker
    Savvy Series Level 1 On Line

    Such a great group of lessons. I was familiar with Parelli before this and I was wondering if this was appropriate for me and my horse. I have a 34 year old Arabian. We have done tons of riding and tons of trails but as she gets older I wonder if the vigor of mountain riding is just too much for her. I also must admit I have gotten on her and we went. Not alot of savvy but hopefully some relationship. This Level 1 series has brought the spark back into her eyes and it is she who is teaching me now!!! I am loving it! Creating a brand new relationship!