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7 games

This is my second time going thru the course. Love it still.

Level 1 online

I love the demonstrations on the DVD and Pat's analogies. It makes it interesting when you can laugh and relate to what he is saying. It all makes great sense to me!
I am looking forward to becoming a closer partner with my horse.

Shannon L Adams
Parelli Proves Itself over the Years

I stared with Parelli's book in 1995, but it was when I bought Level 1 in 2000 that my horse and I really starting taking off. We then went through Level 2, which took us to the place of dreams.... I kept her 2nd foal, and we played the 7 games until he was 2, then I started riding him; but he was never properly started. Injuries sidelined me for years, but new technologies recently enabled me to play with horses again. My original horse recently passed away, and now I have her 19 year old son who LOVES to play. I have old VHS tapes and lessons from 15 years ago, but was missing a few lesson booklets. I thought I was purchasing the same things that I bought in the early 2000's, but the new Level 1 has new DVDs , no info on riding dynamics, and no pocket guides. The older material was much more comprehensive; although I must say that I got enough from the new material to be able to find holes in our communication and relationship, and start to fix them. I will definitely say that I love the Parelli tools! I still had old 12 and 22 foot lines, which are amazingly responsive, and an comical old, broken, frayed Carrot Stick handle that I stuck a shoestring into the frayed end, and he and I played around the property and neighborhood with those until my new Carrot Stick and Savvy String arrived. The Parelli system is beautiful and it truly does unlock doors and potential for both humans and horses. Thank you, Pat!

LaVonne Joyce
On line

I’m overwhelmed by trying to navigate to the lessons. I cannot open the discs on my Mac o/s system. Didn’t know content was available to Savvy club. Would really like a website that was simple to navigate.

LaVonne Joyce
Survey 1

So much info - I’d like a very clear link to each level.
I ordered dvd’s but can’t get to play on Apple MacAir book. I have two Apple’s. One has no USB port to connect drive.
The older Apple has latest iOS with a USB port but the dvd’s from Parelli’s can’t be read. I do play CDs and DVDs on it. Just not yours!
Can I trade for flash drives?