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Foal Handling Bundle

Foal Handling Bundle

The ULTIMATE foal handling kit. Everything you need to begin the journey, naturally. 
  • Begin with access to "The Foal Experience Virtual Course" beginning April 26th.
  • Featherlines - pair - white. When you're ready to teach your foal to follow a feel, use a rope that communicates feel. The 22' feather lines are the perfect tool for teaching your foal to follow a feel.
  • Foal halter - black 
  • 4' Telescoping Pole
  • 9' Foal Handling String 
  • FREE Green Ball
  • $20 in-store credit (to be used on a future purchase.) 
FREE Green Ball + $129 in additional savings!
Members pay just $245 

Learn More About Each Item:

Virtual Course - 

Horses are precocial species, meaning they are full faculty learners at birth. Pat Parelli is known for his foal handling skills and he has helped thousands of students get their foals started on the right foot. 

This intensive 3-Week event will cover topics regarding caring for the mare, what to know when foaling, foal imprinting, early learning, weaning, and what to do in the years preparing for starting your foal under saddle.

By joining this course, you'll have access to an exclusive Facebook group where assisting instructors will answer your questions.

This virtual course will be led by Pat Parelli with our Parelli Professionals assisting, making sure your answers are answered. 

The feedback on these courses has been amazing and is definitely one of the more in-depth experiences we offer online. 

Due to the nature of interactivity in these courses, they are not boring webinars, space is limited, and they have been selling out. 

Feather Lines - 

Made from the same 1/4-inch braid as the Savvy String.

22 ft. long.

Comes as a set of 2.


Halter -

The Parelli Horseman's Halter is a core tool of the program, and it is hand-tied using a smooth yachting braid with simple knots that strategically balance on the horse's head. Its lightness means that it is easy for your horse to carry around, but thin enough that the horse can feel the communication. 

"It's light when he's right, strong when he's wrong." Pat Parelli
Telescoping Pole - 
Herding horses is one of the most magical experiences. With the help of this extremely lightweight telescoping pole, or long flag, it's amazing what you'll be able to do.
9' Foal Handling String - 
One of its many other uses includes handling foals and gently teaching them to follow a feel while allowing more drift. 
Green Ball - 
With an inflated diameter (height) of 42-44 inches, the ball will allow you to simulate things your horse may be afraid of and will help build confidence around objects in motion and sudden movements. Roll it, bounce it, teach your horse to push it - the Parelli Green Ball is a fun way to play with your horse while building valuable skills.
Store Credit - 
Give your horse the best gift. Get a head start with $20 off your next order! We will process these a few days after ordering, you'll be notified after purchase. 

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Fast delivery, everything as expected!

Foal Bundle

I was a little disappointed when I learned the instruction was online classes. Sometimes I need to watch instructions more than once to really understand properly. With the DVDs the can be watched more than once. Also making time for set online classes sometimes clash with people's schedules. I am thankful for the foal bundle price though and will make do. Thanks so much.