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Customer Reviews

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Maria B
Impressive-easy to follow

I found the DVD easy to follow and learn from. We ride my 3 horses with halter or hackamore or bit now. So, I think they will make this next step easily. 2 are small drafts=Halfinger and a young Fjord. They are both calm and non-over-reactive types. I feed and care for all 3 on my own land. So, they all know the ropes and feel confident as part of my herd. I especially liked the psychology part of -willing it. One step at a time is my plan. Thank you for the DVD and all that you do,

Darlene Eickenroth

Good communication on setting myself and Zeke up for success; great reminder to use less hand pressure and more of our core and "Will" in our partnership with our horse

Wilfred Jacobs
Good goal

Lots of ground on line and freedom constant seven games. Now bareback pad and Pat's hackamore indoor arena until summer daily ? Happy new year

Judy Gannaway

The technics taught in this film looked like things that would work with my horses. I hope to utilize them soon. Thanks for the week-end offer.

Kayla Jones

Bridleless Riding