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There is nothing quite like the Parelli Green Ball to bring out the curiosity in your horse! It is a fabulous play-tool to help build your horse's confidence while at the same time encouraging curiosity and focus.
Features & Benefits
  • Inflates to 42-44 inches in diameter.
  • Heavy duty material construction.
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With an inflated diameter (height) of 42-44 inches, the ball will allow you to simulate things your horse may be afraid of. It will also help build confidence around objects in motion and sudden movements. 

Roll it, bounce it, teach your horse to push it - the Parelli Green Ball is a fun way to play with your horse while building valuable skills.

"I love having objects that stimulate my imagination and help me be more creative in my teaching and training." Pat Parelli

Peggy Carnahan Playing soccer with Sissy - 04/10/2021 "I added the Green Parelli Ball to my horses daily round pen work and training. She quickly learned to play soccer with me. Wonderful fun tool to add variety to training program."
Carl Herron Horse Ball - 02/22/2022 "The horses LOVE this ball. They play for hours with it and kick it all over the pastures."
Michael Cevette Fun!! - 01/18/2022 "Really fun for us to play with this with our herd!"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Short life span

Ball didn't last as expected. One good kick and the ball split open.

Nancy Failla
I wish he would play more!

I love the ball, and my young gelding is not afraid of it. He's not very interested in it though. How can I help him play more?

Sofia Landers
Green ball

Great size! Just right for a horse

JaCi Wallace

Green ball we have two of them helps the boredom

Terry Dubner
Love the ball

The big green ball is so much fun. I’ve not had one for a few years and as soon as I got it in with my horse, who is 11 now and has been playing with the ball his whole life, he came over and totally started playing with it. He remembers it and does love it. So much fun!!