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DVD Hit The Trail

Únase al equipo de Parelli mientras lo llevan a dar un paseo por el impresionante desierto de Colorado. Aprenderá directamente de Pat y Linda todo lo que necesita saber antes de emprender el camino y, a continuación, cómo poner en práctica sus nuevas habilidades cuando más las necesite. Cubre remolques, etiqueta de senderos, obstáculos naturales, trabajo de base esencial, preparación del sillín, cruces de agua, jigging, situaciones espeluznantes, selección de equipo y más.

  • Preparación en casa
  • Remolque
  • Atar nudos
  • Subiendo
  • Comprobaciones previas al vuelo
  • Obstáculos naturales
  • Cruces de agua
  • Base esencial
  • Ejercicios para quitar el miedo
  • Jigging
  • Inclinarse hasta detenerse
  • Sigue el carril
  • Pasando caballos
  • Juego de bip bip
  • Preguntas y respuestas
  • Duración: 4 horas, 30 minutos
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Very helpful

    I am an intermediate rider but still found going over the basics helpful and a good reminder of what I should be doing. I learned a new knot too which was great.

    A thorough and informative resource for fun, safe trail riding!

    These DVDs provide a lot of information and strategies for preparing yourself and your horse for safe (and fun) traveling and trail rides. I loved watching how Linda helped her horse through those various unconfident moments he encountered and how Pat coached her through the stream with reminders about "Leadership." The Skills sections were very helpful, too. (Even though its impossible to simulate every trail scenario, the language, leadership, and knowing how to read your horse that you develop ahead of time is what gets you safely through the different situations that present themselves.) Oh, and the scenery was amazing!

    DVD review

    Lots of great tips and savvy tools for trail prep and tips for on the trail

    Prevention is worth everything

    The trail DVD set is a perfect primer before hitting the trail with useful tips and advice for a low stress trip. Thank you Pat and Linda!

    Not received

    Its been 30 days and i have recived nothing