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Features & Benefits
  • Made of the same high-quality braid as our ground skill lines and Horseman’s Reins.
  • Designed specifically for for a steadier feel.
  • Come in 9-ft., 10-ft., and 11-ft. Lengths.
  • Choose from 6 unique color patterns.
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Want to add a little finesse to your ride?

You’ll love our Snap-End Sport Reins!

James Langley Love these reins - 04/04/2021 "I am a male english rider that prefers a more substantial rein. These reins are perfect for everyday, all around use. They feel great and have enough weight to allow quick release without being too heavy. Overall a great product."
Kathryn Game changer - 05/22/2021 "I’ve bought and tried several reins, split and single. Struggling with keeping them even to smoothly being able to move with them. It seemed like it was a constant battle leaving me with paying more attention to the reins and less on my horse which isn’t good for either one. As a beginner rider it was high anxiety. Parelli Finesse Reins was a real game changer for me. The ease of movement through my hands and finally feeling a comfortable control in my communication with my horse. The quality is great and the feel is amazing. Thank you"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Tiffany Rowe
Finesse Reins

Finesse Reins are an excellent tool when teaching a horse to ride with contact. They provide the right amount of release, and they aid in preventing people from gripping onto the reins. I love the way these reins fill in my hands and the snaps work similar to rein leathers.

Elizabeth Turek

Finesse Reins

Ellen Carson
Finesse reins

The weight is helpful in communicating with my horse. Thought they were expensive.

Brenda Haltom
Hate split reins? Try these.

A little backstory, as a former barrel racer, I'm used to a single rein. I truly dislike split reins. Fast forward to now, I'm riding two very large horses and a barrel racing or roping single rein is simply too short so I use an english rein, which is perfect. A trainer introduced me to her Parelli Finesse reins to try and I loved them. They are nice and heavy, easy to hold and my horses respond very well to them. Most importantly, they are a single rein and long enough for the largest horses! Highly recommend!

Karen Charlebois
Amazing as usual

Extremely pleased with my order. Fast delivery as well. Very happy customer!