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Ropa de Hombre



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Needs the handle back

high quality item with details that longevity will prove

The case seems sort of odd and dainty for a horse item seems like a heavy duty fabric like faux leather attaching with fly mask like Velcro would be more pragmatic. It would be nice to have eyelets to attach to a saddle. Or on one’s side. The price is high enough to afford a better case, noting the actual stick is quite easy to operate and horses are easy to friendly up paint gently soften up air and firm the porcupine with so look forward to testing with outdoors and durability of time testing.

Kidz String
wendy copp
excellent size

This carrot stick and string are the perfect sizes to work with Miniature horses.
Thank you!

New rough out bridle

I love my new bridle . Well put together. And it is pretty

Adult Carrot Stick
Pamela Daniel

Top quality

Finesse Reins
Linda Threlkeld

The finesse reins are great.

Halter and rope.

Excellent, as always!

Best lead line ever!

Long length makes it safe, rope is extremely good quality, ties up well, the clip is tough, safe and easy to manoeuvre. We have one for all our horses now.

Kidz Stick
Dina Dearmin
Perfect size for little hands!

I purchased both the adult size and child size stick for my husband and myself. I am shorter and my horse is small (13.3) so I find the child size stick is most comfortable for us. Great quality and my horse is responding well to the games and training.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Janet Herzberg
Love the halter and lead rope

Great choice of colors. The halter and rope are soft on the horse and my hands but highly effective. Don’t stretch or shred.

Bareback Pad
Kristine Bird
Was not In stock did not receive

Color I wanted not in stock- it was refunded.
Should update website with inventory and I would of not ordered

Perfect length

The 12 foot rope is definitely the perfect Length for doing all the Parelli games with my horse.

Adult Carrot Stick
Dina Dearmin
Great tool!

I purchased both the adult and child size sticks because I am a short adult! I find the adult stick will be ideal for my husband to use and I am utilizing the child size more comfortably.

1/4" Leather Popper
Katja Wettstein
From Australia

I love all your stuff . And really appreciate your customer service. And how quickly it all gets here . Thank you . 👌🏻🇦🇺

1/4" Leather Popper
Cindy Schneider

easy to replace the popper that had finally either been stepped on after losing 1/2 to some other mishhap. Needed it to fly the string straight and it does make a difference having it on the end. very fair price too.

Green Ball
Judy Wilmarth
Fun times

I haven’t received my new ball as of yet . However , I have had several of them over the years . Love them and so do the majority of my horses.

12 Ft Training Rope

Extremely pleased with this training rope. The weight is perfect and the connector is heavy duty. I've wasted money on cheap ropes that come unraveled or the connector breaks. In the long run, I believe it's cheaper to buy a well made product that does not need to be replaced a few months after purchase. I highly recommend this product.

The best rope

I love this rope. Right size, right feel. High quality. Wish I had more!

Replacement Brass Snap
Wendy Valentic

Great easy to replace

Ultimate Behavior Series

The topics are really good but not as many as I thought would be covered. Recommend having an online portal to pay and download rather than sending a stick, the freight costs are too much.


Literally one of the best leads I own next to my 12ft lead from parelli. I will NEVER go back to the nylon Or cheap rope leads. Great weight and quality!

Good deal. Didn’t fit my horse

Great quality

Very interesting

Love this rope

I love the weight and softness of this rope.

Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope