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Ropa de Hombre



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Essential Starter Kit
Marsha Gormley
You Can Teach an Old Horse and Human New Tricks!

My horse loves the light weight of the halter and I really like the weight and length of the line. i am getting better and better with the carrot stick!

beautifully made shirt

Very comfortable, quality material, love the fit and the color

Mini Parelli Magic
Nan FitzGerald
Mini Parelli Magic

Magic was given as a gift to a little 4 year old student that comes out to the ranch for lessons. He loves, loves, loves Magic!

Parelli Horse Holster
Diana Mulligan
Nice quality with multiple options

Really like that it has multiple ways to wear. The leg strap doesn’t stay up on my leg, but looking at the instructions again I see I need to use the belt clip too. I love the leg strap, so I hope the clip will hold it up.

Pat's Natural Hackamore

I just received it not too long ago and just tried it the other day. So far, my little Kentucky Mountain horse responses well! I am eager to go on the trails with it on her. She is older, 19, and does beautifully on the trails with the cowboy snaffle, but she deserves to be “free”! No bit! No shoes! This seems to be the perfect answer!


I love it.


Love this rope and the latch! Thin, high quality.

Cradle Bit C3
Nan FitzGerald
C3 for the Cradle Bridle

I received a 5" C3 instead of the 51/2". So no, I cannot say I'm pleased at this time.

Adult Carrot Stick
Rochel Melka

I love the carrot stick thank you. I was very disappointed that I did not understand that it did not come with the string. So I ordered a string separately and paid shipping on two things that I could’ve paid shipping on one thing.

Mecate Reins
Janie WIlliams

Reins are very nice. Can’t wait to try them out.

Love the color_matches my horses color

Nice looking with a gold clasp. Appreciated other color choices than white. Just need to get used to using with Savvy. I am still a little clunky with it. Nice rope and feel.

Bareback Pad
Lone Valentin Lobedanz

I use it everyday with different horses and I love it 🙏🏻❤️🦄

Parelli Ropes

I'm a repeat buyer of these! :)

Diamond T Ranch

Great feel and communication.

Great tool

Good equipment is important and this training rope is a great tool to have for teaching your horse!

Nice quality

I love the softness of the halter and the weight of the rope. I will enjoy this for years!

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Delisa L East
Horseman’s halters are heroic!

I have had my 1st halter for 20 years and it is still beautiful and very useable! I wanted my boys and husband to have their own halters for their horse because They are great tools that every horseman should have! Horses behave better in them too.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Teresa Voeller

I got red, nice color.


Stunning bridle, fabulous quality

Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Allison Wedlake
I was recommended by me trainers.

I love this halter! Definitely a fair price for the product. Although I don’t think the lead and/or lunge lines are over priced I adore this rope halter!

Love it!

Looks & fits beautifully & my horse loves the sweet iron bit.

Natural Horsemanship Book
Gary & Leza Smith
A must have for anyone who wants a partner

this copy is the 3rd one I've owned, I keep loaning them to people and they like them so much they don't bring them back. This signed copy will stay with me along with the signed VHS tape of Pat when he was just starting out. Of all the "whisperers" Pat has a knack for laying it all out so it's understandable to the average horse owner. This book is the foundation. ~ written by Leza

Essential Starter Kit
Rebecca Charette
Wonderful quality

It was everything I had hoped for. Thank you so very much for your wonderful service.


I attended a Parelli Clinic many years ago. The book reinforces what I learned about Natural Horsemanship at that time. It’s a must read for anyone who’s serious about achieving a close relationship with horses.
The autograph by Pat makes it special, thanks!