Ropa para Mujeres

Ropa de Hombre



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Its a nice review series well worth watching or for sure full of great ideas for horsemen that are newer to the journey. I am very happy I could add it to my library. Thank you

Ultimate behavior

Haven’t watched yet but excited to start.

Parelli cap

Very good cap.

Adult Carrot Stick
Liv Rebekka T Wathne

Adult Carrot Stick

Love it!

I love the feel of it. Much nicer on the hands than the typical roping rope. I like it.

Excellent product

I have been using synbiont ag wash around our farm for every species including disinfection of our chicken egg incubators and pre incubation egg dip to improve development rates in our hatching eggs. It’s unparalleled for a Canadian market with the other options being only harsh poisonous disinfectants available to our ag industry. I wish this product was available in Canada, the ag industry here sure needs it!

A really useful communication device

The carrot Stick with string is very useful in horse training communicate with your horse and keep yourself safe


They haven't arrived yet.

Men's Parelli colorblock softshell

Very nice jacket but expensive.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Manon Blanchard
Missing item

I strill miss an item

Discounted price was non existent

I was a little sore about a price difference. The site showed a discount of about 40%. When the items went into the cart, it was full price. I reduced my order but still got some items as my wife, and now I, really like the long lead with a heavy buckle.
Thank you.
S. Nelson

Pat's Natural Hackamore
Patricia Wilson
Total communication..

I’ve had my mare a year now. She was always in a bit, but the hackamore is just like communicating with a bit. Took her a little time but now she listens to the slightest signal.

Replacement Brass Snap
Stacey Ellis
Brass Snap Replacement

It was really easy to replace the brass snap. It's nice to have a new one that functions well.


Quality halter. Soft, strong, and well tied. Glad I chose this one.

It was on sale

Took over a month to get it. When calling to check, no one answered phone and voicemail full.
Great quality

1/4" Leather Popper
Jane Elias
Only the best

The leather Poppers are the best I have used. The leather is soft and supple therefore giving a balanced execution of the savvy string. It lands exactly where you place it. The suppleness allows for a nice touch rather than a sting! Would not have any other leather!

Mecate Reins
Melinda Snyder
Mecate Reins

Love the diameter and color of these reins. Really no comparison in the quality of the material they use. Thank you for quality equipment. Honestly lasts a life time

Pat's Horseman's Halter - Alternate Colors

Love the color!


Clear practical instruction,with an emphasis on high quality horsemanship for those new to driving. Highly recommend!

OK my order of got a little bit mixed up would like someone to call me back [****] thank you very much

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Rebecca Groom

Unfortunately my border collie puppy got a hold of my halters. But thank goodness Parelli halters are still available and of the same great quality as always.

Kidz Stick
Rosemary Willbur
kidz stick

well balance in use, looks well made. Easier for me to use with my new smaller, and reactive, mare. Thank you for another well made Parelli product.

Finesse Reins
Michelle Levy

Finesse Reins

Pat's Horseman's Halter
kaori shibata

Good response less pressure.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
lorraine johnson
Casper loves it!

Now getting one for Ike