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Reparación de broche de latón de repuesto

Este broche de latón de alta calidad se abre en ambos extremos, lo que lo hace perfecto para reparar o reemplazar broches rotos en cuerdas de plomo más antiguas de 12 pies o líneas de 22 y 45 pies.


  • Hacemos nuestros clips y broches de metal con latón de alta calidad, pero incluso los mejores pueden fallar de vez en cuando. Con eso en mente, llevamos broches para usar como reemplazos o simplemente como respaldo, por si acaso. ¡Nunca puedes estar demasiado preparado!

    Haga clic aquí para ver cómo reemplazar un complemento roto.

    A 1200 libras de presión, nuestro chasquido se romperá. El peso de freno está ahí, por lo que el chasquido se romperá si el caballo retrocede, se enreda o cae mientras está atado, en lugar de que el caballo resulte gravemente herido o muerto.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Margaret Urfer

    Hi, thank you for promptly replacing my brass snaps. Sadly due to the current situation (COVID) delivery is proving a challenge. I’ve followed my snaps via the tracker and realised that they have seen more of the world than most people. They went via Tokyo Japan. They were last located in Brisbane Australia. Closer to home, but not even most Australians are allowed in Brisbane at the moment. These errant snaps will surely turn up to their new home soon. 😁

    Carolyn Marshall
    Relatively Easy to Replace

    Replaced one of these once before. The hardest part is pushing the snap ring thru the hole the old snap came out of. I don't have very strong wrists but with a little perseverance. I got it done. Glad I didn't have to buy a whole new 12' line.

    Margo Srich

    The young man that helped me was extremely polite and helpful. He was awesome. I don't remember his name but he was blond (& that day wearing a plaid shirt).

    Dawn Onesty
    Repair snap

    screw type change to phillips head is not as sturdy and strip free as the flat head screw.

    William Edwards

    I've had Parelli halters, leads and etc since the 80's. Can't review this purchase, The USPS doesn't know where it is!