Savvy Mastery Series - Das Projekt mit Michael Wanzenried

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The Projekt with Michael Wanzenried

Excellent use of time and money. I got a lot out of this program. Mikey states you need a solid Level 2 as a minimum foundation and I agree. I grew further in my capability to listen to my horse and to play the or a game and make the activities a game. I see how I was a little deficient in that. An unexpected outcome of the lessons was, I am now in love the 45' - I discovered how I can better manage it and how useful a tool it is when you are in movement but also importantly those times; in-between-' when being quiet and allowing your horse time to just be still - slowing winding the rope allows me and my horse time to feel the silence between the notes and to absorb what has just happened and what might be a good thing to move on-to. The presentation style and verbal delivery I also enjoyed. Thank you Mikey and the team for making this available.

Ruth Conner
Savvy Mastery there Projekt with Michael Wanzenried

I viewed this dvd over a couple of evenings and began to apply it immediately...with excellent results wit a RBE, a RBI and a Cusp RB/LBE...very very pleased...his breaking things down into 3 steps gave just the additional information I needed to putting it all together...
I am beginning Level3 online with 2 horses and bringing along a herd of 10 all cool.
I must add that doing 2 level up on line courses with 3 star Molly Sanders got me motivated to get unstuck and actually level up (unofficially) but gratifying.