Equitana Bundle 1

The Ultimate Getting Started Bundle

This bundle is the ultimate in horsemanship education, because, you'll have everything you need to get started. Getting started means you have the natural equipment to communicate with your horse and all the information needed to learn the fundamentals of applied horse psychology. 

Bundle includes:

  • One year Savvy Club Bronze Membership ( $199.95 Value)
  • 5 Piece Essential Equipment Kit with Round Bag ($173 Value)
  • Ultimate Horse Behavior Series ($156 Value)*
  • Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ ways to stay safe with horses book ($24.95 Value) * 

This bundle is valued at $529.95, but this weekend we're extending our Equitana show specials to everyone for $374.95!

* These products will ship in a few weeks. 

What's included?

  • The Parelli Savvy Club

The Parelli Levels Program

Pat Parelli has a system that teaches real horse savvy both on the ground and while riding, and it is a proven pathway to attaining your horsemanship goals and dreams using behavioral psychology that the Parelli Savvy Club supports.There is no other program in the world that starts where this program starts or takes you where this program can take you. It not only solves your problems and frustrations, but it also unlocks your potential with horses. Even more importantly, it gives you the keys to a happy horse.Benefits include all access to the Parelli Levels Program, Learning Library (including thousands of hours of videos and articles) special member only discounts, a robust online community, and more!

  • Essential Equipment Kit 

The 5 Piece Essential Starter Kit with Round Bag includes the Green Regular Horseman's Halter, 12 ft. White Training Rope, Classic Carrot Stick in orange and The Premier White Savvy String and our durable, nylon custom Parelli Bag.  

  • The Carrot Stick is one of the essential tools in the Parelli Program... it is not a whip. You can stroke, guide, and support your horse while teaching him the Parelli Fundamentals on the ground and when riding.

  • The Savvy Sting is the little 6 ft. string that Pat keeps in his back pocket. Because of his martial arts background, Pat came up with the concept of awarding people specific color strings for their achievement in his Horse-man-ship Levels program. Everyone starts off in the Parelli Program with a white string and as you achieve a level you are awarded a special colored string. Red for Level 1, Blue for Level 2, Green for Level 3 and Black for Level 4.

  • The Parelli Horseman's Halter is different than any other halter on the market. Pat perfected the design and used to tie them himself on the way to clinics (someone else was driving of course!) Today Parelli halters are still hand-tied using smooth yachting braid (which is almost unbreakable) with simple knots that strategically balance on your horse's head.

  • Pat's training line is way more than a lead rope. Being 12 feet long it gives you the ability to direct and support your horse from the ground and stay a safe distance away. The average lead rope is 7 feet long. The additional 5 feet that is on your training line gives you more safety and control while allowing your horse to also feel safe by allowing him to drift when he is unconfident.

  • The durable spacious Round Bag affords you plenty of room to fit your lines, including our 45-ft. training line.

    Strong durable zippers ensure that your lines/ropes stay secure inside. 


    • The Ultimate Horse Behavior Series

    With this series, you'll be able to read your horses body language and how to create a solution. You'll know what they're thinking and feeling so you can communicate more effectively with them in any situation. Join Pat Parelli as he guides you through practical training sessions that anyone can learn from. 

    • Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ Ways to Stay Safe with Horses

    Safety with horses comes from knowing what to do, when to do, and when to quit doing something. Pat Parelli has helped over a million horse lovers find more harmony and enjoyment in their horse life by teaching them how horses feel, think, act, and play. In this book gain over 100 tips and strategies for staying safe with horses in the barn, in the saddle, on the trail, and more!

    Parelli has cultivated an acceptance of “natural horsemanship” in the horse industry by showcasing the limitless potential in horse-human relationships through communication, understanding and psychology rather than force, fear, and intimidation. Pat Parelli led the industry with his home study programs just like this one, empowering all horse owners to be involved in their horse’s development.The concepts and techniques in this book are expanded in the Parelli Levels Pathway, a train your horse at home program. Scan the many QR codes in this book, visit or call 1-800-642-3335 to continue your journey to developing the ultimate partnership with your horse.



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