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English Hunter Jumper Bridle

What if you could take a beautiful English bridle and savvy it up? That's exactly what Linda Parelli did. As you may or may not know, Linda is passionate about dressage and jumping, and since meeting Pat in 1989, she has been focused on revisiting the sport and bringing to it the savvy she's learned from Pat about creating true partnerships with our horses. The right equipment is a key part of that.

"I love the look of an English Bridle, noseband and all." Linda Parelli


  • Beautiful Italian Leather.
  • Snap on, quick change browbands with bling (your bridle comes with a standard straight black band).
  • Padded Crown.
  • Ear-contoured design.
  • Buckles on each side to ensure symmetrical adjustments.
  • Elastic inserts in the noseband (allowing for comfort and stretch while minimizing restriction).
  • Slip and Grip Reins (featuring fine grain material on the inner surface, improving your grip as needed, while also allowing for smooth releases).
  • Choose your bridle size (see instruction video).
  • Bit Not Inclduded

    Click here to see English Bridle Sizing Information



    What if you could take a beautiful English bridle and savvy it up? That's exactly what Linda Parelli did. So, how would a bridle do that? Here's Linda, to tell you in her own words: "I love the look of an English Bridle, noseband and all. What I don't like is strapping the horse's mouth tightly shut (it's against the FEI rules, anyway!). There are only so many ways a horse can express his pleasure or displeasure with our 'feel', and opening his mouth is one of them.

    That's why I wanted to have a noseband that would fit snugly, but not restrict the horse's mouth - so I put elastic in there! There are two kinds, I call them 'FLEXI' and 'COMFI,' because there is a lot of elastic in them. Now I've got the look I want and my horses have the comfort they need. They can even chew and graze in it.

    I also love a bit of bling on the browbands - I've collected about 12 over the last couple of years, but I never change them out, because it's too hard! It's such an ordeal to unbuckle all those buckles, and fiddle and re-buckle again. So they all sit in the box, unused.

    In designing this bridle, I thought about putting a snap on the browbands so I could change them as often as I wanted or felt like. A girl cannot have enough bling; we get bored with the same look, day in and day out! With the snap-on browbands, I can easily change to whatever I feel like!"


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Sandra Clayton
    English Bridle

    I love them. I have three—- one for each equine!!! I have mules which equate to large brows and narrower nose than horses. These bridles fit them real good.

    Roxanne Hagan

    Lovely quality leather. The reins are a little short and the nose and is too big around the nose for my 14.2 1/2 pony

    Stephanie Reaves
    2 english hunter jumper bridle order.

    1. Your star rating system has no meaning for me so I’m left guessing 5 stars are good and one star is bad.

    2. The fit is awesome. I needed both the biggest size and the smallest size for my 2 riding horses and it is right on for both of them.

    3. I actually am aiming to ride dressage again eventually but I really don’t like the nosebands on modern dressage bridles by which I mean the “crank nosebands” and the almost absolute assumption I am gong to use a flash nose band which I think is silly. So, I like the option of having a black “hunter/jumper” birdie with (what I think is) a “normal” noseband.

    4. I hate the snaps on the brow-band. Every time I set the damn things down the snaps pop open. I wish either another faster was chosen (such as Chicago screws or I even saw one in the tack store 2 Saturday’s ago that had little studs) or that I had had the option to just have a traditional brow-band. I am probably going to have a local Amish man try to sew them shut for me once I get brave enough to trust them not to muck it up - or maybe just tie them shut with a bit of dark thread.

    5. I appreciate the fact that the rein length actually matches the bridle size. I would have never had thought of that - but I did notice it!

    6. Roller buckles would have been awesome on the noseband instead of just the straight struggle with the square buckles. With the new stiff leather in the cold Ohio winter weather, I have to take the bridle off before undoing the noseband or I struggle with it too long. Also trying to fasten it after I get after on is a bit of struggle.

    7. I love the way the nose band threads through and goes over the headstall. Genius! Why didn’t anyone think of that before!?

    8. The elastic on the noseband is cool, but I think it could have been better concealed by being a small gap in the leather that gives instead of the length it is now. As it is now, the back/under part of the nose band actually sags downward killing the nice line from fro...


    I shopped around for a Cob size bridle with NO flash. Linda designed the best one! I am so pleased with the quality and the features of this bridle. Thank you Parelli for another great product!