Savvy Series Level 4 On Line


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Developing skills on long lines, and with obstacles. Includes 2 DVD's with Level-by-Level lessons from Pat Parelli, plus student lessons, troubleshooting with Linda, Savvy Manual, Student Booklet, Pattern maps, and pocket guides.

*If you are using Windows 10 to play this DVD and are currently experiencing compatibility issues, please call us toll-free at 1-800-642-3335.


  • Refining the Principle Games
  • Refining the Purpose Games
  • Patterns
  • Driving from Zone 5
  • Weave
  • Figure 8
  • Touch-It
  • Circling
  • Push the Green Ball
  • Obstacles
  • Special Features
  • Building Porcupine From the Tail
  • Understanding and Using Long Lines
  • Sideways Driving in a Circle
  • Circling With a Flank Rope
  • Sideways Toward You From Zone 3
  • Understanding and Using Flank Rope
  • Troubleshooting the Seven Games at Level 4
  • Patterns

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