Savvy Series Level 4 Finesse


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The Four Savvys Individual DVD Sets. Individual 'Slices' from The Four Savvys Box Sets. Finesse, or riding with precision and refinement, is the fourth Parelli Savvy, and the one that relates most directly to performance. Whether you're an English or Western rider, developing an understanding of bit contact is essential to becoming a well-rounded, skilled horseman. The mouth is the most mentally, emotionally and physically sensitive area of the horse's body, so to get your horse to willingly accept bit contact requires true trust and respect. That's what you will learn with Finesse: what it takes to achieve excellence as a rider.

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  • Precision and Refinement
  • Awareness in the Arena: The Precision Pen
  • Provocative Patterns
  • Backing 1/8th Turns
  • Follow the Rail
  • The Six-Barrel Pattern
  • Dragging a Log
  • The Kite String Test

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