Horsenality Decal

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We know you consider your horse a part of your family. 

Now is your chance to show it to the world! 

Features & Benefits

Each horse is approx. 4"x 6" wide. 


You can choose from Left Brain Extrovert (Green), Left Brain Introvert (Orange), Right Brain Extrovert (Red), or Right Brain Introvert (Blue).

More Info

Our horsenality car decals let you add your four-legged companion to your stick figure family on your car window. And all the horse lovers go wild! 🥳

Mike Thiel Horsenality Car Decals - 7/17/2020 "Love the decals!!"
Jane Elias Decal for the Truck - 10/02/2019 "Very nice appearance, and it goes through the car washes and doesn't come off or fade. I needed a smaller version, so I used an Exacto knife and cut out the head of the horse, and applied that. Fit perfectly!"
Roberta Bodnar LBE looks exactly like a cartoon of my horse would! - 08/26/2020 "Cute decal and easy to apply. I gave it four stars instead of 5 only because it's a little hard to see on dark-tinted car windows."
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