Dressage Summit- Two Worlds Together VIP 2020 Meet and Greet, Lunch, Parking, and more!


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This special event is October 31-November 1, 2020 at the Ocala Southeastern Livestock Pavillion in Ocala, FL with a special bonus session on the evening of October 30th. As a ticket holder, you're a part of the movement that is bringing Two Worlds of Training together - Horse Psychology and Classical Dressage.
We are excited to have world experts, Christoph Hess (International Judge and trainer) and Luis Lucio (FEI Committee Trainers Delegate, Chef d’quip of the Spanish Team and 18 years of Parelli!) and of course Linda and Pat Parelli (International Equine Psychology Experts), with our top horses and additional special guests. 


Sarah Martin, Grand Prix Rider & Trainer, Certified Instructor & Member of USDF Senior Faculty talks about the 2019 Dressage Summit








  • Learn how training sessions can develop the dressage horse’s mental, emotional and physical fitness by combining dressage and horse psychology.
  • Learn how to solve problems with tension.
  • Know what is important to horses, how they think, how they learn, what motivates them, and what they need to be happy.
  • Learn how using a heart rate monitor can revolutionize your training results.
  • Discover the difference between psychology and mechanics.
  • Learn the way to a calmer, more connected, responsive, supple and successful horse.
  • See the Scale of Training in a whole new light.
  • Increase a timid horse’s confidence.
  • The challenges presented at different levels of training.
  • Discover what a Happy Horse really is.

This mission unconsciously started when Linda met Pat in 1989, but it became a reality when she started training with Walter Zettl 12 years ago.  We ran our first Dressage Summit in Wellington, FL in 2011 the next in Verden, Germany in 2014, and again just last year in Ocala, FL.  And now it's time for the 4th… in Ocala in October 2020!

It's going to be a fantastic event looking at the training of horses and humans from a whole different perspective, with happy horses and harmony as the goal.


Event tickets are non-refundable. Dates and schedule are subject to change without notice. 
FREE PARKING • Food Vendors available onsite during the event.

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