22-foot Ground Training Line with Popper


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When it's time to expand your horse's confidence and step up the challenge, you'll need a 22-foot line. The extra length enables more sensitive or scared horses to drift, and allows you to gain respect from greater distances in advanced ground skills. Our 22' Line has the same snap featured on our 12' Line and is the perfect tool for On Line Level 2 skills and Get Ready for Liberty from the Savvy Series.

"Longer lines, greater challenges, more advanced ground skills." Pat Parelli


  • Also referred to as: 22-Foot Line; 22-Foot Lead Rope; 22-Foot Training Rope, 22-Foot Snap-Line
  • ½-inch smooth yachting braid with easy and quick snap placement loop, swivel snap leather popper and weighted end
  • The popper on the end that helps with straightness when throwing; assists in horse training, and has a more classic look and feel.
  • 6-inches of rope is run back in at the tail, because of this the handler can feel the end of the rope without having to look down. The rope run-back and the popper add weight for swinging and straightness when throwing
  • Good for large horses when a 12-foot Line isn't long enough to be out of kick range if horse turns away (such as a large Warmblood or Draft).
  • Stamped with Parelli logo.
  • Designed for ground skills.
  • Smooth, flexible, resistant to sweat.
  • Swivel Snap connects to the looped end of the 22-foot Line to allow for replacement.
  • Swivel Snap rated up to 1200lbs.


    In 1987, on Pat's first trip to Australia, he ran into an Horseman Legend Morris Wright. Morris was the number one proponent of the Jeffery method of taming wild Brumbys (Mustangs), and he used a 22-foot rope made of rawhide. When Pat came back to the states he trialed his now famous yachting braid. Over time it has become one of the most popular products that Pat has ever produced.

    The reason this is an essential tool in your Parelli program journey is because horses are great judges of distance and approach. If you only use a 12 foot rope when educating your horse on the ground, your horse will soon become bored and you will become ineffective. Using the 22 foot rope correctly has a very similar psychological effect as what you might expect if you used a round corral.



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    2 halters, carrot stick, savvy string 22 foot- and 12 foot line

    I am very satisfied with my equipment, it’s more than I expected. I can definitely feel the difference between average horse equipment and Parelli equipment in how my enery is transferred through my rope and that it has quick release. As for the carrot stick it makes communication so much easier for me standing in front of my horse and using it as an extension of my arm to reach zone 3-5. All my equipment suites my horse perfectly and I love it.


    22-foot Ground Training Line with Popper


    22-foot Ground Training Line with Popper

    22' Training Line

    Quality product!


    22-foot Ground Training Line with Popper

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