Horse/Human Match Report Digital

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The Match Report is both profoundly revealing and practically helpful and matches you and your horse based on your unique traits. Because your behavior can bring out different aspects of your horse's behavior, the Match Report will teach you how to flex your natural tendencies to become the leader your horse needs you to be.

HORSEnality Report
• Profiles your horse’s unique personality and provides specific action strategies that will be most effective based on his nature.
• Explains why certain exercises are more challenging than others for your horse and teaches you how to set your sessions together up for success.
• Helps you understand your horse’s strengths and how to solve problems with clarity and confidence in every situation.
    HUMANality Report
    • Uniquely identifying factors of the four main Humanality types.
    • Your specific Humanality profile.
    • Tips on understanding and maximizing your core nature.
      MATCH Report
      • The similarities and differences between you and your horse.
      • Your relationship dynamics, challenges and positive match aspects.
      • Partnership strategies on the ground and in the saddle.
      • Situational stress behaviors you may exhibit around your horse and what you can do to become more effective together.
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews
        More than you think

        Should have done this report a year ago! I kept putting it off because I thought oh I have enough I'm doing good. Nope. The amount of information in the reports is fantastic. They will not disappoint!

        Horse/human Match report

        Absolutly fantastic. It gave the small pieces that I needed for the breaktrue in my relationship to my very complex horse. I have recommended it to every horse person I know.

        Great feedback....

        No matter how painful it is to read! Lol. I got this kit to see how far me and my mare have improved and it was interesting to see our dots change. But it didn't actually move more the center which is what I had hoped for. It's all great info though and I'm impressed with how many pages it is.


        I really enjoyed the report for horse and human.

        Horse/Human Match Report

        The humanality report was very revealing for me and explained a lot about the way I respond to things sometimes (also good suggestions for ways I can improve my general communication skills) A few of the traits didn't quite match completely, but maybe I could have ticked a box or two a little inaccurately. Also with a few of the questions regarding my horses, I had to choose to tick either one option or the other, whereas he actually can react both ways depending on the circumstances of the day. But overall I have found the report results fascinating and enlightening. I especially look forward to putting into practise the recommended activities with my horse to help us develop a better relationship. Thank you to all who have worked so hard to make this available

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